One More Thing

Today we are wrapping up the most exciting Fiscal New Year celebration in the history of the DuroSport Corporation. On Friday, we announced our new theme song, and yesterday we announced the opening of our first DuroStore in The Second Life. On top of that, our new SL-6001VRMP is the biggest DuroSport product ever!

There has never been a more exciting time to work for the DuroSport corporation, and I thank all of you for your ongoing support.

But there is one more thing I have to share with you.

DuroSport is partnering with The Star Trek on a new video download service starting today. We call it DuroView, and we think you will agree that it is the future of online video. You will find more information about this partnership on the DuroSport website and of course, the official Star Trek website.

I want to explain the long history between DuroSport and Star Trek briefly. It is no secret that my uncle Oleg was very unhappy with The Trek people many years ago. My uncle spent several months developing unique technology for the original pilot. Unfortunately, things did not work out, and the arrangement ended on terrible terms. Later, my uncle noticed that The Star Trek had copied quite a bit of DuroSport’s technology. Replicators and transporters, and all of those Trek things originated at DuroSport. I cannot repeat what my uncle used to say about The Star Trek because this is a family blog.

Fortunately, those days are behind us. We know a good opportunity when we see one, and this video service is going to be revolutionary. So, we are burying the ox cart and working together for the common good of both companies.

Here is the best part: If you are a Star Trek fan, you do not have a choice. If you want to watch the new “DeMastered” series, you will buy the newest DuroSport media player. I am sorry, but there is no way it will play on your pathetic little Zune.

We know how The Star Trek fans are. They are like drug addicts. They will buy anything associated with The Trek. We will sell many DuroSport players as a result of this exclusive agreement.

The other day, I ran into a kid on the pier at the Moth Temple in The Second Life, and I remembered how rabid The Star Trek fans could be. He was running around with a lightsaber screaming, “I’m a Jedi knight! Get out of my way, I’m a Jedi knight!”. We had a slight run-in, and I put him in his place. Later, I was worried that the incident might cause problems while negotiating this new Star Trek deal. After years we have finally patched things up with The Treksters, now all of a sudden, we are at war again. Then someone in our office pointed out that the Jedi are from Star Wars. Wookies are too. That is good to know.

The nice thing about this deal is that it is exclusive for Star Trek but not exclusive for DuroSport. That is because the Moldovan lawyers are smarter than the Hollywood lawyers. We encourage other famous television programs to contact us about partnering.

I am happy to say that all of us here at DuroSport are about to have our best year ever (except for Vlad).

I will see you soon in The Second Life. Remember, I am Nero Rang there.

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