DuroSport Looking Ahead to 2007

Hello again DuroSport Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer for the Prism DuroSport Company. You have wondering why no lately postings on this website from me. It is because I am having a suspension from internets for causing huge legalities over the Scarlett Johannson Sings Tom Waits album announcing I did in October.

It was the finalness of straws for a very bad 2006 in DuroSport history. Ends out being worst year ever. Sad, because 1st Quarter, with launch of Fastest Media Player on Planet, Prism DuroSport 6000 was very excitement!

Then, the stupid Medialopers happened. The Medialopers did not understand the amazing awesomity of what planners planned as our flagshipping product of the Prism DuroSport 6000, calling it the worst Digital Audio Player ever!! Wrong!

Because of stupid Medialopers, according to Accounting there were more Prism DuroSports customers are returning than stores actually have been sold.

Then, explosive failure in our holograph test, which DuroSport Corporate Lawgivers still having mumming us about discussing details.

Then T-Shirts are recalling. T-Shirts!!

Then we find out, only days after we are announcing our DuroSport Pütz that Microsoft is announcing their Zune!! And even releasing in 2006! It is a great successful, selling a million copies, but does it have the unbreakable DuroSport DRM? No! It has squirting! Yuk!

Then, Apple is coming along and is stealing our DuroSport VideoTron idea.

Then of course, after Nero and I both got our MySpace pages, I am contacting by unscrupulous internets hoaxers who tell me they are fan clubbing for Tom Waits and Scarlett Johannson, and I am thinking I am king deal-maker for Pütz. I am not. I am fool. Lawsuits are threatening; I am suspended from internets, and sent back to Moldova for reorientating.

And then, finally, just today, the Medialopers are picking up on us again!!

Why Medialopers, why? You should be picking up on your boyfriends Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!! You only are picking on us, the DuroSport Company. Only us! Stop!

I am pledge right here and now that 2007 is being great year for DuroSport company! The Pütz will launching! The VideoTron will launching! Other excitement! I am promising.

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Vladimir Concescu is the Chief Product Officer of the Prism DuroSport company.

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  1. If customers are returning products, surely that means they have tried them themselves and found them to be no good? Sure, a bad review might deter buyers, but those who already have the product?

    Also, VideoTron is by no means a new idea – Windows Media Center has been connecting to TVs for years, and HP and LaCie both already have similar products in the market.

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